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Blaauwklippen is a historical wine farm located between Paradyskloof and Jamestown. This farm along with other properties were acquired by Blaauwklippen Agricultural Estates (BAE) in July 2015. BAE is in turn owned or controlled by ATM Group. The ATM Group describes itself as an innovative property development and management company with its head office situated in Stellenbosch. Established in the late eighties, the group has evolved and grown into a well skilled specialized property company with expert knowledge of the property industry with projects in the Northern Cape but centered around Stellenbosch. The website informs us that Previous developments by the group include commercial office parks, retail shopping centres, medium and high income residential estates, healthcare facilities and hospitality facilities.

To our knowledge, the following properties form part of BAE, at least until recently: The list is not necessarily complete. Remarkably, of these five land units, three were already in 2019 proposed to be included into the urban edge, as shown in this extract from the MSDF. Here is a detailed view of a second extract from 2019 MSDF shows a map of all early-2019 development proposals. All four portions are labelled in red. The grey hatch pattern means "proposed development". The present fourth development proposal for the four tuin erwe is also roughly marked. Inclusion into the urban edge is, of course, a necessary (but in itself insufficient) precondition for a development proposal.

Interestingly, the main Blaauwklippen farm 510/837 as well as all the Jamestown water erven (including those now under appeal as set out below) are included in the many for which suspicious exemptions were granted from the legislation protecting agricultural land: see the green portions at the bottom of this map. Blaauwklippen 510/837 is clearly marked, while the water erven are "hidden" under the many green boundary markings just north of Jamestown itself. Here is the Government Gazette of March 2018. The questions asked in 2018 about this remain unanswered.