Updated Partial transcript of proceedings of Mobility Forum on 13 September 2018

Updates: 1. Rectified an error pointed out and 2. included an omission on roads alternatives



Western Bypass and Eastern Bypass
W Bypass has been identified as pPriority link. Allandale Road to Technopark to Adam Tas to Devon Valley. Currently still in feasibiltiy study. Needs to be budget by province. Western Priority Link: Connects Wbpass with R44. Identified as priority. Condition (!) on Capitec development was to have a second access route to Technopark. Map of traffic modelling flows shown.
Eastern Link: Talked about for many years. Now being considered again. Province requires the portion between PKloof and Trumali as the most important link. Wildebosch extension. Full Bypass alignment would be TPark-PKloof-Trumali-Brandwacht into Coetzenburg or Landbousaal or Jan Marais.
Province wants to close medians on R44 and on PKloof left-in left-out butterfly intersection. Traffic model for eastern link.
Eastern link should be lower order road. Single lane not dual. Focus on NMT and cycle routes.

Current priorities:
- balance tpt network
- eastern and western links are the only ones currently supported by province, the rest is just being studied.
W Bypass road cross section: dual lanes.


2. HCE Roads master plan is sub-sub part of planning process. Therefore propose that we abandon the current agenda and return to the original one.

3. D Botha: A referendum was held and the large majority was against the eastern link. Second that we go back to original agenda

4. J Fullard: Discuss the roads master plan and the reason why. It is a strategic plan.

5. D Botha: Vote on the motion

JDV: Discussion only. You are not supposed to prepare, so. I am not going to go back to the original agenda.

6. Gordge: Cannot have a Roads Master Plan without a Transport Master Plan. If we started the meeting by saying that it cannot be taken out of context of the wider legislation.
Is there a preliminary finding on the RMP. Good for information sharing
Changing agenda at a week's notice is not OK.
We are not hearing about issues of transport. I am very concerned.


Gets updated once every five years, does take into account other modes. At moment we are also finalising SDF, and RMP is a work in progress and these are the preliminary findings.

The Eastern link has been on previous RMP. Are now aligining with the SDF.

??? Mrs Have to concur that discussion is with ALL persons. If one runs through points of the scope, nothing indicates that this is a MUNICIPAL event. Difficult to look at W Bypass if we have not looked at tpt plan. It is not the only item nor can it be dictated.

D LOUW: We are a mun trying to consider functions within the Municipality.

MRS: FORUM IS discussing issues on an equal basis.

LOUW: We sspelt out what will be discussed, and what items would be discussed. Rather discuss just ONE point and not all at once.

HCE: Look at legislation. This is a hierarchy, you cannot just start at the bottom of the pyramid. Must start with the legislation and policy. Must at the very least be conforming with the own Stellenbosch IDP and MSDF, see Chapter 6.

LOUW: In preparation for SDF in May 19. Today discuss the problems with transport.

Gordge: How were the two projects being presented selected? There are a whole range of alternative transport-based interventions. What place does the realignment and treatment of Adam Tas itself have in this plan? Has the Adam Tas upgrade been assessed as one of the options? Want to offer our help with tpt. Pieces of work should be brought together.

Fullard: priority links were TPark-ATas link road. Become more important because of development in that area. Road network
Eastern Link road priority is portion between PKloof and Trumali Rd. Also come about through development.
R44 Province: Are looking at arterial management plans. If traffic model does indicate that true priority.
Dr Barnard: Underlying model is really land use. Align SDF with the modelling exercise. Test NMT scenario. Answer is probably somewhere in between. Suggestion is to consider focused scenarios. If in conflict then make a decision one way or the other. If you just talk about RMP then it too narrow. I see RMP as the OUTCOME of the transport master plan.

FULLARD: Are updating the CITP. Last compiled in 2016, every year doing an upgrade. RMP and traffic modelling are only preliminary, much more modelling that should be done. Not focused on only cars traffic.

Land use is primary. Nodes, that drives the transport and master plan. Spines.
Royal Haskoning 2014 study and recommendations on the central area between Eerste Rivier and Du Toit Station: why is the Royal Haskoning roads suggestion not on the agenda here?
Need to densify. There is a close link between land use and transport and tail wagging the dog driven by urban sprawl Libertas and R372
If you ignore the legislation you make yourself vulnerable.

JDV: Thanks for the input. No one is trying to ignore the central issues. Listen to the issues.

D BOTHA: Stedelike kruip ontwikkelingsplan sonder dat daar na die ander alternatiewe oorweeg word. Baie ontwikkeling, bring net meer karre. Kar is nie meer koning nie.

JDV: Daar is nie stedelike kruip agenda nie. Dit is ;n gevaar, moet dit ernstig opneem. Ons is nie hier om besluite te neem nie. Kry asb almal se kommentaar. Ons probeer juis julle kommentaar te kry.

D LOUW: Reading definition of "forum": issues to be exchanged. We are presenting a problem to community, how are we going to solve it. E and W bypass do not fall nicely on peoples ears. Working on traffic management. How do we go forward when ...

Yolande: Het gewerk op die micro sim model: beperkte fondse gehad. Het net W Bypass vs Link ens gedoen. Die W Bypass maak volgens modelle nie nou sim nie. Link na TPark maak baie sin, en dit bevoordeel karre wat *** 600 karre *** R44 Bird Str kom met voorstelle. 2. Ons was ook met die large employer tpt plan. Hulle is bereid om saam te werk, corporate buses in te stel. Het skakeling nodig met Mun.

JDV: Uit ons begroting oogpunt is net geld vir W Link Road. Geen geld vir bypass nie. Ek het by Richard geleer: ons sal inisiatiewe nodig waar daar car pooling ens nodig is. Ons gaan al hoe meer hoor oor omgewingsake klimaatverandering

HCE: Kan ons asseblief PSDF SDF en PLTF op die agenda van die volgende MF sit?

JDV: Ons kan so maak.

WYK 7: MNR: Lede sterk teen die E verbypad. Brief aan Mun om dit asseblief te staak bv Boland College. Waar op lys is die verkeersprobleme tussen Rivier en Du Toit stasie? Hoe word die agenda vir die vergaderings bepaal?

FULLARD: RMP is only one aspect of planning. We do take into account higher ranking legislation such as SDF, filters through to each plan. Other initiatives: Large employer. Lots of construction related to NMT, working with taxi industry. On traffic side, busy with traffic signal optimisation, esp R44. Smart technology.

JDV: Ons het op eerste forum gese dat enigiemand 'n epos kan stuur en vra dat dit op die agenda gesit word.

GORDGE: Comments on previous speakers. From our work (Stell Mun and Province), we drafted in April a 10 point plan in which there was a recognition that things would get worse before it can get better. We need a whole series of behaviour changes. Factors before you can start with a harder push. We have until May 2019, SDF process running, engagement with service providers, have as much openness to have a constructive way forward. If we cannot get transport working in Stellenbosch, we cannot get it working anywhere. It has to be ajoint venture between Mun, Univ, private sector. Next 6-9 months is absolutely crucial.

Link between TPark and ATas is VITAL. That road should be declared a provincial. But the road should not be driven by developers. That is a short link. I am baffled why the Eastern link has been resurrected.
Work that was done in the PSTP must be brought into the discussion.
We can get ourselves into a corner if we do not consider full context.

Neil Bosch: provincial government planning directorate. Problem that we grabbed an intervention without following the full steps. Traditionally we aimed to improve capacity. We should change the mode of transport and not add capacity. Tpt and NMT is now the major issue and not road links. such a link will not make sense in the next five years. Adding capacity will not help. Time needed but direction must be right

JDV: From being in local government: To change the mode of transport, I agree that one golden bullet is to use less cars. But local authorities challenge is to have a functioning public transport system. Rail is a major problem at the moment. We need to get provincial government to take over rail.

Bosch: Rail is the backbone, but the Stellenbosch way of travel is not a major contribution to the congestion. A lot of it is caused by intra municipal and commuting. Rail is not going to solve that. Major intervention is modal shift.

Piet van Blerk ICE: W Verbypad: my opinie dit is 'n pad vir 'n streek, dink dit is essensieel, dalk nie in volgende paar jare maar later. Erens moet daar 'n suid noord roete kom. Ons sal ontwikkeling sien, ons sal moet kyk hoe gaan ons die interne verkeer hanteer. TPark se SRA is besig met hersonering om parkering aan te spreek.
Eastern Link is om NMT aan te spreek. Verkeer op R44 moet dorp toe gaan. Ons moet NMT aanspreek en kyk hoe dit inpas.

Johan ***: verkeer studie in middedorp. Baie motors soek net parkeerplek.

Van Blerk: Ek sal graag hoor. Dit is 'n link road nie 'n bypass nie. Ons het voetpad JTown begin bou, het by Blaauwklippen Rivier gestop weens EIA.
Techno Ave to be widened. Survey done in TPark and the first thing was traffic and parking.
Survey done by Capitec: only 13 percent live in Stellenbosch.

CAPITEC ***: die meeste verkeer kom van buite Stellenbosch. Grootste gedeelte kom van noordelike voorstede. 1500 mense en daar sal nog 'n gebou gebou word. Baie gesprekke oor tpt maar opnames wys dat mense is besig om weg te beweeg van publieke vervoer. Mensae ry nie meer trein nie het onveilig en onbetroubaar nie.

1. Re Blerk: Densification along SPINES and in NODES. Route upgrading along SPINES.
2. reallocate municipal budget, current allocation to NMT is far too small
3. What input is there to Mun from this forum?
4. Email link to documents webpage
5. Must compare to other road alternatives e.g. the proposal of road link between Bosmans Crossing and Plankenbrug Road. There is also a proposal just to widen the R44 between Jamestown and Adam Tas to include a transport-only lane and better NMT lanes.

FULLARD: Paaie budget sluit in maintenance in, rehabilitation en reseal en upgrading van gravel roads.

Capitec gee vir ons meer probleme. Maak huisvesting op die boonste vlakke van kantore.

MNR CARINUS (Wynland): Londen is 10 keer mense en sy publieke vervoer is baie sterk. Voorstaner van publieke vervoer, maar daar is areas wat as openbare parkeringsareas ontwikkel kan word. Shuttle services na park and ride.

R BADENHORST: Eggers had 2017 figures. The Mayor's budget speech: Road upgrades R140m, over next three years NMT R11.5m plus R10m (CITP, taxi rank,

MEV ???: Daar is net EEN Golden Arrow bus tussen Somerset en Stellenbosch. Baie ongerieflik. Moet gemaklik veilig en betroubaar gemaak word. Het gedink om op eie kapasiteit dit te doen. Maar veiligheid en versekering het dit laat swyk.

Laat Studente buite die dorp parkeer en inry.

MNR ??? Taxivereniging Franschhoek: Ons het gevra vir ondersteuning van munisipaliteit. Word belet om in Hoffmannstraat en Krigestr te ry. Het boetes gekry as taxis dit gedoen het. Gee taxis meer kans dan sou ons probleem opgelos gewees het. Busse word met miljoene rande gesubsidieer. Wetstoepassing moet strenger wees. Wetstoepassing het verslap. As Mun verkeer as 'n prioriteit maak, dan moet hulle subsisideer.

Lesley Schopelo Franschhoek Taxivereniging: Gebiede wat ons nie in mag beweeg nie. Mag net ry waar permit ons toelaat. Dorp het 'n publieke vervoer probleem. Opgradeer van publieke vervoer sal mense van karre af kry. Mense bang vir taxis want hulle is bang vir onveiligheid. Taxis word nie gesubsidieer nie. Taxi industrie moet geken word hieroor. Opgradering van public transport is goed. Hou van dedicated lane en laat die karre staan. Dit sal mense laat oorskakel.

JDV: Shuttles by die woordfees was baie gewild.

MEV ???: Ek is bly oor taxivereniging. Bekommer ons het nie toeganklikheid vir vervoer (rolstoel ens). 8 persent is disabled, kan nie in dorp kom. Menseregte, maar daar is nie 'n plan om hulle te help nie. Moet dit ook aanspreek.

D BOTHA: Gaan baie swak met fietspaaie. Ons het 'n goeie fietsplan, maar geen uitvoering nie.

Bosch: Taxis is effektiewe manier. eThekwini het 'n studie by SA Transport conference uitgewys en sien taxs as 'n korttermyn oplossing vir die vervoer probleem. Met minder geld kan mens so baie meer bereik.

JDV: Services need to be prioritised. However, do agree that tpt

We will review all suggestions for the next meeting. Starting with the PSDF in the next round would be a good start.

Louw: Next meeting in January; MF to meet quarterly.

Botha et al: Kwartaalliks ontmoet gaan nie prakties wees nie.

Closing at 15h00