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The Big Picture: May-June 2019

The current crisis is the Eastern Link Road and a closely-related Urban Edge extension. At the meeting of 29 May, Council approved a modified version of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and a brand-new Spatial Development Framework (MSDF). In accordance with legal requirements, the municipality has been holding meetings and asking for public input, as they must. As presented at the Ward 21 IDP meeting, the budget contains money for the Eastern Link Road even though this does not form part of any approved planning document. At the same time, the draft MSDF contains an extension of the Urban Edge to include the rest of Brandwacht Farm as well as a 20 hectare chunk of renosterveld around the Paradyskloof waterworks.

For the even-bigger picture, see the item Background: unsustainable development at the bottom of this page.